Trip to England

Some pupils from 4A and 4C will leave on Sunday 9th June at 5 in the afternoon. They’ll go to England. There will be 44 pupils and 4 teachers ( 2 English teachers, a PE teacher and a Biology teacher). The journey will last about 14 hours. It is going to be long ! The group will spend the night on the ferry. So , the pupils will have to be quiet and sleep ! The group will go to Ouistreham by bus and then to Portsmouth by ferry. The ferry will arrive in England at 6:15 in the morning. They will visit different places : Cardiff, Big Pit, museums, Bristol, Oxford and Bath. The breakfasts and dinners will be taken in the families . The pupils and the teachers will have sandwiches for lunch

The pupils will have free time for shopping. The group will sleep in families, in Barry, in the south of Cardiff, in Wales. The group will come back to Pléneuf on Friday 14th June at 10 in the morning. ( Pupils from 4C, Collège jean Richepin )

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